Purifiner TS-Triple

TS5060PMH-Triple has the same properties as the TS5060PMH but a higher capacity. TS unit is designed for hydraulic oils, but can clean almost any type of oil. It is used for pressurized systems or places where the cleaner unit is lower than the system to be cleaned. TS Triple is connected directly to the hydraulic system.


This unit is used extensively for large systems such as Azipod, Thrusters and Stern Tube on board vessels and hydraulic central systems. The unit is highly accessible and can be used on any system where you have to collect the oil and return it back into the system.


  • Capacity: 1,800 liters/24 hours
  • Oil amount: Up to 9,000 liters
    (oil amount in system / tank to be cleaned)
  • Oil types: All hydraulic and lubricating oils
  • Viscosity: 32 – 320
  • Max pressure in: 200 bar with reduction valve
    (up to 3 bars without)
  • Filter use: Approx. 4 filters a year with continual use and in normal circumstances
  • Power consumption: 2,550 watt, 230 volt, 16 amp. circuit
  • Connection: 3/8″ BSP external thread

Warranty: 12 months.
Weight: 70 kg
Dimensions: 64 x 76 x 47 cm (H x B x D)

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