For Mining and contractor machinery
Filters and cleans oil for better quality than new oil free of particles and water. This prolongs oil life 10 to 15 times. Cleaner unit removes particles down to 1 micron. Evaporates all the water, including emulsified water in oil, down to 0.01%. Extends the oil’s quality time. For direct installation on machine.


Mining and contractor machinery such as excavators, mobile cranes and overhead lifts, etc.


  • Power Supply: 24V
  • Nominal Wattage: 360W / 15A
  • Flow Rate: 600/24H – 25L/H
  • Back Pressure: Max 3 bar
  • Inlet pressure: Max 200 bar
  • Filter: 1-3 micron
  • Water removal: By evaporation
  • Connections: Inlet=10L  Output; 12S

Warranty: 12 months
Weight: 11kg
Dimensions: 38 x 35,5 x 14 (H x B x D)

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