Wågene Purifiner Technology

We clean oil to better quality than new

We have purchased the Oil Life/EOLS product Line from IPU-Group England.

Our Purifiner oil cleaning unit is built on a patented filter developed by the company IPU in England who
also manufacture many different types of products for Shipping, O & G and Power Gen industry.

Our company in recent years has become IPU`s largest customer for the Oil Life/ EOLS oil filter used in our Purifiner product for hydraulics

and lubricants.  Buying the line gives us much better control of a key element of our product line, which will benefit our customers.

After some time discussions and negotiations, we have succeeded in purchasing the patent for The Evaporation Head along with the designs for all Oil Life/EOLS related products. We have inherited customer data and supplier relationships to ensure a seamless ongoing supply.

The entire Oil Life/ EOLS stock at IPU is being moved to Sandefjord, Norway for further operations with sales to the whole world.

We will provide our best service and deliveries to you in the future, and look forward to hearing from you.

Why choose our product?

Continuous maintenance of oil and diesel gives the best results on purity

Gives the best result for clean oil

Cottonfilter + evaporation of water in oil

Most reliable technology on the market

Lowest operating costs on the market

Provides significant cost savings

Small investment with quick return

Extends oil lifetime 10 to 15 times

Providing high environmental savings

Delivered about 3000 units worldwide

Good references

Always clean oil

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