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Sandefjord’s company has entered into a global cooperation agreement with Unique Group, one of the world’s leading suppliers of ship-offshore equipment.

Wågene Purifiner Technology AS has for more than 20 years produced and sold Purifiner oil purification equipment for shipping, offshore and land-based markets throughout the world and has delivered more than 3,000 systems for shipping.

Wågene’s oil cleaning technique has received great recognition with continuous oil maintenance and saves shipping companies from large expenses for oil. In addition, it is known that 80% of all breakdowns in an oil system are due to oil contaminated by particles and water.

Purifin cleans the oil free of particles and evaporates all water, including emulsified water in the oil, and with continuous use significantly extends the life of the oil.


Unique Marine Group has over 500 employees in its global offices in Europe, the Middle East, Asia, the USA, Australia, India and South Africa.

They offer a wide range of equipment and technical expertise across the global shipping, oil and gas, renewables, subsea and defense industries.

The world has witnessed an ever-growing market for green technology in all areas, where continuous oil maintenance is one of the focus areas. In addition, the world’s fleet will switch more and more to EAL or bio oil, which increases the cost for the shipping company as this type of oil is much more expensive than normal mineral and synthetic oil. It is therefore important to extend the life of the oil.


Unique Group, as part of this distribution agreement, will house a central warehouse on each continent, and deliver Wågene’s oil cleaning equipment to maritime customers all over the world.

The company will also maintain an aftermarket stock of filter elements and spare parts.


For Wågene, sales cooperation with Unique Group means a significant opportunity for greater growth in the years ahead. The global presence of the Unique Group in all leading locations gives Wågene better proximity to various markets in the world, and for the customer a faster supply from a more local supplier in each part of the world.

For more information contact Åge S. Wågene +47 91514497

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