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Wågene Purifiner Technology


Offshore is a good market for both fixed and floating rigs as well as offshore vessels.

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Wågene Purifiner Technology


By far our largest market for all types of ships and vessels.

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Wågene Purifiner Technology


We deliver to almost every type of industry, as well as the power plant industry and the recycling industry.

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Wågene Purifiner Technology


A large market for both hydraulics and engines for construction machines and mining machines.

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Our products

Cleaning of Oil and Diesel.

We clean and maintain oil to better quality than new oil down to NAS 3 to 5. Purifiner has a unique oil cleaning technique, a cotton filter and vaporizer of water from the oil.

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Oil cleaning

We remove water and contaminants from oil and extend the life of the oil 10-15 times. This reduces the need for oil changes and takes care of our common resources and the environment.

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Diesel cleaning

Fuel Purifiner diesel cleaner removes 95% of all particles and 98% of water. The unit has easy maintenance and is easy to use. The Fuel Purifiner can run continuously and is connected directly to the tank.


Areas of use


We have large customers such as Solstad Offshore


Some of our biggest customers are Carnival Cruises, the world's largest cruise line.

Construction machines

We have many customers in various industries on land.

Supply boats

Bourbon Offshore France, one of the world's largest supply shipping companies.

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