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Purifier WPD-2400

The WPD-2400 is a mechanical cleaner for diesel and light oil. It removes particles and water from the diesel and maintains a very good degree of cleanliness after cleaning, depending on how many times the diesel passes through the filter bag.

The WPD-2400 comes in two designs, a stationary model and a transportable model. Both have the same filtration capacity of 2,400 liters per. hour. The diesel cleaning unit is built on a solid steel chassis, or a solid trolley and weighs from 70 to 80 kg depending on the design.

On board ships, the diesel cleaning unit is installed so that you suck the diesel from the storage tank and push the diesel through the filter and pump the cleaned diesel into the day tank.

The diesel only passes the filter once, and tests and measurements show that the diesel cleaner removes particles and water up to 83%. By running the diesel through the filter one more time, you will reach over 90% in purity of diesel.

The diesel cleaner is equipped with a sensor that indicates when flow drops and the filter bag is full or too tight to function optimally. You then have to change the filter bag. Water in the diesel is removed – pushed through the filter bag and collected at the bottom of the filter, which must then be drained out.

Purifiner Diesel 2021 front 255x300 1


12 months


70-80 kg


64 x 76 x 47 cm (HxWxD)

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