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Purifiner TF

The TF unit is intended for hydraulic oils, but can clean almost all types of oil. It is intended for PRESSURE-FREE SYSTEMS or places where the cleaning unit itself is placed higher than the system it is to clean. The unit has the ability to “pick up/suck” the oil into the filter, but the oil must have a “free fall” back into the system.

Areas of use

Hydraulic systems such as e.g. presses, compactors, ro-ro equipment. This is also used mounted on an IBC tank for cleaning oil, such as freezer compressor oil. Or in other places where it is not possible to permanently install the unit, then you have two sets of oil on hand. One in use and one for cleaning, and only change these two as needed.



12 months


35 kg


64 x 45 x 47 cm (HxBxD)

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